Reggae and Rainforests

Had a beautifully autumnal evening at Eden with Barefoot Games.. Spent most the night in the mediteranian biome, carving pumpkins, with dreadzone in the background.. Lovely.

Amber in our pumpkin grotto..

The sea and a tribal sun



  1. yay i like reading your blogs, put up more art it's beautiful xxx

  2. ive left all art on the floor of the attic and come home for a bit. i know you probably dont miss england at all, but its so beautiful at the moment! the leaves are all red and gold and theres mushrooms everywhere. the dog wouldnt stop eating them this morning, im sure she had some magic ones.. i couldnt tell if she was seeing shit or just naturally being dog like and weird..

    is april still a good time to visit hanoi? are there any interesting celebrations/festivals?

    miss you xxx