'Art On The Road'- Sindhulpalchuk, Nepal

I wont ramble on with too many words, so here are some pictures from the art workshops in beautiful beautiful Sindhulpalchuk...

Raithane School..i love this place... And Alice after our very overwhelming welcome ceremony.

Outside workshops! The kids were so sweet. They hadnt had art class before but were little sponges for information and learnt so quick. So much love for all of them!

Grumpy little Subum and a boy showing how not to hold a puppy..

I loved this kids drawings so much! the roots and the petals are so so good, how he saw flowers was so beautiful.

 After school buffalo acrobatics. 

 I think everywhere in the world children will love stickers.

 Momo night

Walk to school after the snow.

 Flag painting at Chilaune school.

 Chilaune Temple

 Minji with lots of colourful bunting.

Massive massive thankyou to Belinda, (and greg), COMMITTED Nepal, Alice, Minji, and everyone at all the schools for such an amazing time. Much much love. 
Since i wrote the word momo i cant stop thinking of food... Again my stomach is making me too lazy to write anymore

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