January's Sketchbook. (Nepal)

You can probably guess from the backgrounds in the photos that i decided to venture off to the mountains for a while... It's unbelievably good to be back! 
 I'm working with a community and educational development NGO, but am still finding enough time to do a bit of colouring in. Most of these are obviously mountain related. I might have a go at some city and figure drawings soon... But i might not, I've given up planning drawings too much. I prefer to watch them appear in their own way. That might be because i don't often tend to have a pencil, a rubber and everything needed for planning and preparing when i start drawing. I quite like the simplicity of just a pen and paper.
I'm reading an awesome book at the moment about hallucinations, (Oliver Sacks- 'Hallucinations') which will hopefully subconsciously inspire some future drawings. 
 If anyone wants a print of any pictures below, i'll scan the drawings in properly. Message me if you do :)
View from Nagarkot. I used old Chinese symbols within the drawing in the hope that i might remember them.

Sleeping mountain giants.

(Inspired by) Varuna- Hindu God of the sky, water, celestial ocean, all forms of water, and the guardian of directions. 

I drank too much scotch on the plane, got a little bored so did the usual escapism of pretended i was riding a dragon for a while. The lady next to me played Bejewelled for 8 hours straight, only stopping occasionally for feeding times.


  1. Your illustrations are something of wonder. I adore them. Isn't it sad how some people can sit for hours, play on their phone and basically do nothing with their mind? I imagine their brains look like that fuzzy ant race you see when the TV antenna doesn't work.


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