The start of Kolor Kathmandu

Just started painting at Maitighar, Kathmandu,  for Kolor Kathmandu. (- check these guys out and give them some love)

I am loving painting in the sunshine!!! And somehow painting on the side of a busy noisy smelly roundabout feels really chilled. I had a bunch of bananas for breakfast and i think the sugar and serotonin overload helped with the happiness boost! That, and the really cute smiley dog that hung out with us for the day.

I started with the bottom half- nice and easy to reach and hazard free apart from tripping over the odd brick and occasionally being spat on by the child watching from the rooftop...
Big thankyou to Kavinnah and Sramdip for helping out!

I should explain the ideas a bit i guess.. The Nepali district it's based on is Dolkha and the picture is inspired by a folk story... The story is about a lady, who when washing down by the river, trips and falls over the waterfall. Her dead body is washed downstream, and eventually ends up separating and dissolving into part of the river, part of the earth and part of the mountains. These elements all continue to grow over time with part of her inside them. It's trying to convey how everything is interconnected, and we are all part of the earth more than we realise, in the same way that the earth is part of us.
I thought this was appropriate for a city that sometimes seems to forget about the environment around it.

And in a simpler sense, i thought the city could do with an extra tree, even if it is just a painted one.

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