CD Design

 I gave part of my artwork to be used as an album design a while back. I asked all the important boring stuff, made sure i checked i owned the copywrite, was credited etc... but forgot to ask what kind of CD it was for. Found out today its for Christian worship songs. Interesting. Not what i expected, but its nice to have it out there all the same. Next time maybe i should check that. And not get so excited when i see 'Nick Drake' on the cover..


  1. Hi there
    I'm an illustration student at Loughborough in my first year who happens to work in a Christian music and bookshop on Saturdays - doing some cover today and saw we'd just got this album. I thought it was such a lovely image so had a look at who had done the artwork and low and behold found you. Been listening to said cd for the rest of the day, and despite it maybe not being what you aimed the art for I think it suits the style of the music pretty well.

  2. Hi Goob,
    Christians appreciate great illustrations and art work too, never turn down work!
    It's lovely to see some of your work, we've still got Non's skate board you did and it gets loads of compliments.
    Much love and don't forget to pop in if you're around.

    Much love
    Sharon Kerr