Wave Project Tshirt Designs



T-shirt designs for Wave Project's Surf Challenge in June. These guys run a wicked surf therapy charity, based down in Newquay, well worth checking out if you've got a bit of spare time..

I need some help deciding which design to go with, both still need a bit of tweaking.. im swaying towards the first one, but then i do like purple and dislike anything that looks photoshopped. Feedback would be lovely!


  1. I like the first one better. Just looks more adventurous and exciting.

  2. i prefer the second as the first seems very airy and fluffy and that is not how i see surfing - thinking of the hokusai wave painting with the fingers, i suppose i see waves like that, very defined and powerful, especially if this is a surf competition where people think they're well hard and daring not prancing around on fluffy clouds. although if you do prefer the first i would change the purple, maybe use it as a darker accent on more blue/turquoise because without reading the "surf challenge" part i thought it was a design for an old lady's earrings or something. also i'm not sure why either of them have got trees in them but i suppose you're not changing that.

    love from someone who knows little about art but is very opinionated on everything xxx

  3. Hi Emily,

    Looks great. I prefer the second one- I think that’s partly because there’s more of a background and also because the colours conjure up the beach more to me than the first one. I think the turquoise works really well with the dulled yellows/browns. I can’t say I saw any trees in it! To me it comes across as seaweed, pebbles, bubbles...general beach. I don’t think it looks overly photoshoped and I think the second one would look good as a final image without any tweaks. Hope that's helpful. Good to see you’re still illustrating- have you how’ve you found it trying to get freelance work?

    Lucy (Reynolds)

  4. Hi Lucy! thanks for the help. and thankyou to the nice anonymous strangers too...
    yup im still illustrating. im doing a lot more painting and collages than digital work, as i really dont like sitting at a computer for too long! but yeh, its going allright. still need to update my website and get round to a bit of networking again though.. (ugh). how are things treating you?