new sketches...... (and possible t-shirt designs)

This one is undoubtedly inspired by one of my favorite people, who often tends to resembles a human kraken.

I started this one while watching the film Pi. If you haven't seen it, it tells the story of a mathematical genius who is tries to prove that everything in nature can be understood by numbers, and that everything follows a pattern. I think that might have inspired my new found obsession with pattern.
The face possibly still needs a bit of work, I'm not keen on the expression, but will come back to it later.

Not really sure where this is going yet, might add some watery ink... possibly some colour?

Another one in progress..

A blue dragon sea slug. One of the most amazing ocean creatures! It preys on portuguese man of war, consumes them entirely and then stores their venom and uses it as their own. They often turn cannibalistic and are hermaphrodites. And they're only 3cm big. Small but awesome. It needs some colour, and i need to learn how to tesselate a pattern.

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