PRIVATE VIEW-- Monday 19th November
5pm-7pm at The Art Block in St Geroge's Arcade
There will be mulled cider!!

A group of local artists from Falmouth have put together a vibrant exhibition of art work from the 16th November until 31st December.

The word Antumbra, derives from an astronomy term, used to describe the disc of light surrounding the shadow of an occulting object. Most commonly it is used to describe lunar and solar eclipses.

The word directly translates as “before shadow”…

This is an optional topic for the artists to work with. All the work explores a wide range of skill and talent, conveying obvious influence from the natural world, be it within the subject matter and the organic style of the work or from inspiration through patterns in nature.

This is a fine example of creativity within a small area of Cornwall. We hope to deliver a show that expresses the wide range of expression and ideas which exists within a small local community.

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